The Scope and Job Prospects of a Personal Trainer in 2023

Is becoming a personal trainer a good career option now?

In the past few years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming aware of the importance of fitness and have started investing massively in it.

As per data from 2020, there are around 6 million active users in the Indian retail fitness services market who spend around $400 annually each, making a market size of $2.6 billion.
Impressive, isn’t it?

Hence, the prospects to become a fitness professional in India are favourable and you can have a very promising career in this field.

Interested individuals can enroll in a diploma in personal training course to learn the skills comprehensively and start on a career path that is exciting, rewarding, and frankly, healthy!
Learn about the scope and job prospects of the fitness industry circa 2023 only in this blog.

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Who Are Personal Trainers?

A personal trainer is someone who has accurate evidence-based knowledge and expertise in physical fitness and exercise. They use their knowledge of exercise techniques together with their communication and motivating abilities to guide individuals and groups through workout routines.

They also assist individuals in educating them on the safest and most efficient ways to develop and maintain personal fitness.

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Scope of the Fitness Industry: Reasons for an Upward Growth Trend

According to the Financial Express, in 2020, between Q1 and Q2, downloads of fitness apps rose 46%. Significantly, India topped the list with a 157% rise in downloads of these fitness mobile applications.

Proves the point that fitness and healthy living are the ‘in’ thing, doesn’t it?

On that note, let us check a few more factors that are propping up the booming fitness market in India and worldwide:

Post COVID-19, there has been a rapid rise in the sale of fitness equipment and gadgets especially for home use. As a Businesswire report stated, the sale of fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, rowing machines, and treadmills grew around 170% worldwide during the COVID period.

Furthermore, India emerged as the largest market for devices such as Fitbit bands, compact oximeters, smartwatches, and blood pressure monitors, valuing almost US $11 billion

Hence, it is evident that the average Indian is becoming more conscious of his health and is seeking to stay fit.

Takeaway: There is a sharp increase in the demand for personal trainers who can effectively guide and train and provide important tips for pumping those muscles!

Lifestyle changes are also evident as there has been a rise in smart wearables among Indian consumers. This means Indians are actively tracking their health on the go.

In fact, in the next five years, the wearable sector is expected to grow at about 170%, and India’s wearable market can reach about $4.2 billion by 2026.

It’s a huge mindset shift. Indians are becoming more physically active and are becoming aware of the consequences of unhealthy life choices.

Takeaway: Hence, amidst the rise in positive lifestyle changes, the opportunities for qualified fitness trainers will also grow significantly.

Another point to consider is the significant rise in “virtual fitness training”.

As a Times of India report stated, people began to work out more during the COVID-19 outbreak, looking to boost their immunity or reduce other health-related risks.

So, after noticing the benefits of working out, most people have stuck to it and hence, this trend might ignite the demand for virtual fitness trainers.

Takeaway: Virtual fitness may increase awareness about the benefits of staying fit, which in turn might increase the demand for personal trainers, especially for those fitness enthusiasts who want more tailored advice.

In Mumbai, MNC offices like TCS and Deloitte have gyms and other fitness centres within their premises. Also, they are accompanied by personal trainers.

Takeaway: Hence, as new fitness facilities are opening up in the IT sector, job prospects for gym trainers will also see a rise.

Given the rise in fitness culture, most individuals resort to unverified knowledge and guidance from digital media in their desire to be healthy.

This can be dangerous. Suppose unknowledgeable people come into the limelight and start providing so-called professional advice.

Takeaway: Hence, those who want reliable guidance are in search of a person with a professional degree/certification.

To stand out from the crowd, a diploma in personal training can be highly advantageous.

Job Prospects Post Diploma in Personal Training

Here is a brief idea of the job prospects available to you once you get your diploma.

So, a certification in personal training will help an individual kick start a successful career.

Wrapping Up

The Times of India states that the ‘fitness industry is extremely promising’.
We’ve shown you some factors above that have clearly propelled the demand for personal trainers and fitness professionals.

Receiving professional training and certification from an ISO-certified academy like ours can make your career in the fitness industry that is much more rewarding and fulfilling.

So, if you want to make a career in fitness training, enroll in the NFNA diploma in personal training program today!

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