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Diploma in Personal Training



  • Course Duration: 3 months
  • Format: Live Online Classes
  • Language: English/ Hindi
  • Certificates: 2
  • 200+ Students Certified
  • No. of Hours: 50
  • No. of Sessions:18
  • Eligibility:10th Pass
  • Platform: Zoom App
  • Batch Starting Soon

Course Overview

We have been offering this course for over two years now. This is our flagship course on fitness training. We provide the best foundational knowledge on human physiology, anatomy, movement, exercises, training, assessment, communication and marketing there is. Learn how to get more personal training clients, build trust, and how to retain them as well. This course shall make you a confident personal trainer who can manage any type of client and can increase his client base in a short span of time.

Sample Certificates

Topics Covered

  1. Research Methodologies
  2. Fundamentals of Exercise
  3. Fundamentals of Nutrition
  4. Introduction to Practical Training
  5. Practical Class - Chest and Abs
  1. Practical Class - Back and Arms
  2. Practical Class - Shoulders and Legs
  3. Practical Class - Preparation of Workout Charts - 1
  4. Practical Class - Preparation of Workout Charts - 2
  5. Practical Class - Preparation of HIIT Charts
  6. Practical Class - Stretching
  7. Practical Class - Client Communication - 1
  8. Practical Class - Client Communication - 2
  9. Practical Class - Client Assessment
  10. Fundamentals of Nutrition and Nutrition Myths
  11. Practical Class - Review Session and Exercise Myths
  12. Social Media Profile Building Class - 1
  13. Social Media Profile Building Class - 2

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